ANIME #18- 3D lenticular FLIP posters from POCOLOCO ISLAND

Published on 02/08/2020 by

Beautiful 3D lenticular flip poster
(2, 3 or even 4 different images on one poster!)

30mm x 40mm
12″x 16″

POCOLOCO ISLAND is offering truly spectacular new 3D stereo posters. UNIQUE! AMAZING!
Will get tons of comments from friends and family!
Measuring almost 12×16 inches, this 3D lenticular poster brings the reality of the image to you.
Best viewed at a distance of several feet, the images totally change as you move by the poster. It looks as if the picture is jumping out at you. Everyone loves these images as they appear to come to life.
These 3D Stereo Posters are ready for framing or hanging straight out of the box.
Posters are shipped safe and securely in a sturdy box
Beautiful dynamic moving action. Great for pediatric office, child’s room, or family room.
First Class Shipping with Delivery Confirmation.
The photographs do not do this item justice.

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